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Posts tagged "Motor vehicle accident"

How the drink a nearby motorist had may impair his or her ability

You've probably experienced a Texas traffic jam on more than one occasion. In fact, if you're a daily commuter to work, you likely encounter traffic congestion several times a day. On a good day, you may be able to overlook such frustrations, knowing that like many things in life, it too, shall pass. Other times, an incident that occurs in traffic may change your life forever, such as when a drunk driver slams into the side of your vehicle.

Did another driver's distraction cause your child's injury?

How many times have you shared a roadway in Texas with someone distracted behind the wheel? It probably happens more often than you think. Distracted driving causes problems in most states, and laws vary as to how it's defined. Some states say it includes any unnecessary behavior while driving that takes your attention off the road and could potentially impair your ability to keep yourself and others safe.

A Sunday driver can lead to the Monday blues

It usually happens when you're in a hurry. Suddenly the traffic ahead of you grinds to a crawl, and you are stuck behind a line of cars creeping along at 25 mph slower than the posted speed. At no time do you pass an accident or an obstacle in the roadway. Instead, you discover that it is simply another driver going much too slowly.

Getting your child help after a motor vehicle accident

Like many Texas parents, you probably spend a lot of time transporting your children to and from school, sports and community activities. Whether you use your own vehicle or public transportation, one of your main priorities is keeping your kids safe. Traveling with children can be worrisome, especially if they suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

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