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What to do after a truck collision

| Dec 29, 2020 | blog, Personal Injury

If you get an injury in a truck accident, following proper protocols might help to minimize the extent of your injuries. Furthermore, it may maximize your chances of obtaining compensation from the driver who caused a Texas truck collision to occur. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that you’ll need to take following a motor vehicle wreck.

Take a second to process what happened

In the immediate aftermath of a truck crash, you may feel a sense of panic or extreme anxiety. Therefore, the first thing that you’ll want to do is take a deep breath and regain control of your mind and body. Doing so can make it easier to tend to others with injuries or gather evidence that you might need to provide to your insurance company.

Call the police

In most truck accident cases, you must attempt to render aid if it’s physically possible to do so. This often means calling the police and asking for an officer to come to the scene of the accident. If you are physically unable to make a phone call, ask a witness or bystander to do so on your behalf.

Seek medical treatment

Seeing a doctor can be among the most effective methods of preserving your rights in a personal injury case. Taking such a step can provide evidence that a broken bone, pulled muscle or other injuries occurred in the aftermath of a crash caused by the defendant.

It’s important to note that symptoms of whiplash, a concussion or internal bleeding don’t necessarily present themselves right away. Therefore, consulting with a medical professional is generally in your best interest even if you feel fine in the immediate aftermath of a wreck.

If you get an injury in a truck crash, it’s typically a good idea to consult with an attorney after seeking medical treatment. Legal counsel may be able to use driver statements, a police report or other evidence to obtain compensation for medical bills and other damages.