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Inexperienced drivers especially at risk for these distractions

When you first learned to drive, someone (likely a parent or a Texas driving instructor) probably reminded you more than once to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. It is sage advice, as there are many things than can quickly go wrong if you're looking away from the road and/or become manually distracted.   

 Distracted drivers place you at great risk for injury, and young or inexperienced drivers are particularly prone to distraction behind the wheel. There are several common types of driving distraction that you'll want to avoid if you're the driver, but also that you'll want to be aware of should you notice another motorist nearby exhibiting one or more of these behaviors. Another driver's distraction can land you in the hospital.   

Driving issues that cause serious accident risks 

Chances are, you have dealt with a distraction while driving at some point in your life. Distracted driving can definitely become a bad habit if you're not careful. The following list includes numerous types of driving situations that often cause drivers to become distracted, placing themselves and any pedestrian or motorist near them in danger: 

  • Some behind-the-wheel distractions have to do with passengers in a vehicle. If your friends are being rowdy or someone is interrupting your focus by giving you sudden driving advice, it can cause you stress and anxiety that can impede your ability to think clearly. 
  • You've likely witnessed people who let their pets sit in their laps or crawl around their front seats while driving. This can be a tremendous distraction that places everyone in or near the vehicle at risk for collision. 
  • Your eyes and hands are not the only key factors toward staying alert and cautious while you drive. Many drivers who crash later say they were mentally distracted or lost in thought, moments before their collisions occurred. 
  • Even if you enjoy listening to music while you travel, it is best to avoid adjusting radio knobs while driving. This is one of many manual distractions that often leads to serious accidents. 
  • It is no secret that using electronic devices, such as cell phones, places people at risk for serious, perhaps even fatal, injuries while driving.  

To think that another person's irresponsible choices or distractions while driving were the cause of your injuries can be frustrating, especially if investigators conclude that your accident was easily preventable were it not for the other person's negligence. If you or someone you love has to endure a lengthy, arduous recovery because of a driver who was putting on makeup or sending a text message when he or she should have focused on driving, it is understandable that you'd want the state to hold that person accountable. 

Recovery resources available 

Building a strong support system is often key to successful recovery following a distracted driving collision. You may need someone to help you with daily tasks at home, in which case an at-home care program may be a great asset. Your support team might also include physical therapists and licensed counselors, as well as an experienced Texas personal injury attorney who can address the legal aspects of your situation. 

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