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Could you become a victim of these common types of accidents?

| Mar 22, 2018 | blog

You follow all of the traffic laws, at least most of the time, remain vigilant and avoid distractions while you drive. You can only hope that the other drivers around you are doing the same, but you know better. The problem is that you can’t anticipate what another driver will do.

Some common types of accidents exist, however. Knowing the circumstances under which they occur may help you avoid becoming a victim and suffering serious injuries.

The danger behind you

Anywhere from 23 to 30 percent of the accidents that occur are rear-end collisions. Many people tailgate because they think they are getting to their destinations faster. If the approximately 26 seconds a person gains by riding the tail end of your vehicle really made a difference, this type of behavior might be more understandable. However, if you need to stop suddenly for the traffic or an obstacle in front of you, the vehicle tailgating yours could hit you. 

The danger of multitasking

Many drivers to stray out of their lanes while attempting to multitask behind the wheel. They either end up in the lane next to them or on the shoulder. In a world where you ordinarily end up working on more than one task at a time, you may believe that you can do the same behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the 33 percent of crashes that occur because a driver was doing something other than paying attention and left his or her lane say otherwise.

Everyone now knows about the dangers of distracted driving, which leads to all sorts of accidents. People tend to speed through stop signs, red lights and otherwise crash into other vehicles because they are doing something other than driving while behind the wheel. Protecting yourself from this type of accident may be a challenge.

The danger of overconfidence

Most drivers believe they are skilled enough to exceed the speed limit and maintain control of their vehicles. This type of overconfidence can easily lead to an accident. What if the person in front of them, perhaps you, has to slam on the brakes? What if it’s raining? At high speeds, the risk of hydroplaning is quite real. The best drivers may be the ones who understand their limitations behind the wheel, not those who believe they have a mastery over their vehicles.

The danger is real

Encountering drivers under these and other conditions could put you in a great deal of danger. If you can’t avoid a collision, you could end up suffering serious injuries. As you recover, you may incur significant medical expenses and take time off work. The longer your recovery and need for medical care goes on, the higher those potential financial losses become.

You more than likely have support for your medical and personal needs during this time, so it only stands to reason that having legal support would also be useful. Gaining an understanding of your legal options for pursuing compensation and knowing your rights could alleviate at least one source of stress during this difficult time.