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A Sunday driver can lead to the Monday blues

It usually happens when you're in a hurry. Suddenly the traffic ahead of you grinds to a crawl, and you are stuck behind a line of cars creeping along at 25 mph slower than the posted speed. At no time do you pass an accident or an obstacle in the roadway. Instead, you discover that it is simply another driver going much too slowly.

While there is no question of the danger a speeding driver creates, slow drivers present a new set of hazards. In fact, slow drivers - that is, drivers going significantly below the posted speed or the general flow of traffic - can be the cause of accidents just as easily as speeders. In most states, you risk a fine for driving too slowly on the highway, especially if you are in the left lane. Some of those fines can be more expensive than a speeding ticket.

Who is slowing things down?

When the traffic thins out and you can see the culprit at the head of the line, you may find yourself making assumptions about the person behind the wheel. Maybe you assume it is a drunk driver or someone with engine trouble. However, there are certain types of drivers that are prone to driving with their feet on the brake:

  • Distracted drivers: Driving while using your devices may take your focus from the tasks at hand, including pressing the gas pedal and watching where you are going.
  • Tourists: There are many beautiful sights in Texas, and visitors to our fine state may be unable to keep their speed while gazing out the windows.
  • New drivers: While some teens love the freedom of a fast car, others are uncertain and tentative behind the wheel.
  • Senior citizens: Many factors may cause an elderly driver to take it slow, including arthritic joints, poor vision and nervousness.

While these slow drivers may be dangerous on the road, it is generally the reaction of other drivers that creates the real hazard.

Slow and steady doesn't always win the race

An impatient driver who behaves aggressively may decide to pass a slower vehicle, crossing into your lane. Similarly, if a driver is not alert to a slower vehicle, he or she may slam into the back of the slow-moving car causing a chain reaction in which you are involved. Incidents of road rage are often triggered by slow drivers, and if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could end up an innocent victim.

When that happens, you will want to have the most effective assistance you can get, both medically and legally. Seeking damages for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering can make a difference in your recovery. An attorney with years of success representing victims of traffic accidents can provide you with guidance and advice on how to proceed in claiming possible compensation.

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