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Getting your child help after a motor vehicle accident

Like many Texas parents, you probably spend a lot of time transporting your children to and from school, sports and community activities. Whether you use your own vehicle or public transportation, one of your main priorities is keeping your kids safe. Traveling with children can be worrisome, especially if they suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Accident situations are often chaotic and quite stressful. When a child is suffering, a parent's main concern is getting the child whatever care is needed to make him or her well again. Worries about how you'll pay for such care may begin to overwhelm you.

Injuries most commonly suffered by children in collisions

Hopefully, you're already aware of the most common child injuries associated with car and/or bus accidents, so you know what to look for if there's been a collision, especially since not all injuries are immediately apparent. If not, the following information may be useful:

  • Blunt force trauma upon impact in a collision often causes severe concussion and other head injuries in children. The effects of such injuries aren't always immediately noticeable by parents, rescue workers or hospital staff members.
  • Other common injuries often suffered by children involved in bus or car accidents include those to spinal and neck areas. Symptoms often include inability to stand or move, as well as loss of feeling in arms, legs or other parts of the body.
  • Excruciating pain is often associated with broken bones, which are another frequently reported type of injury often suffered by children in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Internal organ injuries may also be unseen, yet produce very specific symptoms, such as abdominal pain or swelling, numbness, head pain or abrupt changes in mood or personality.

There might be rescue workers, law enforcement agents and other trained personnel on-hand to help your child in the near aftermath of a collision. This takes care of your immediate needs, but what about days, weeks or months after the accident?

Accident injuries often have long-lasting affects

Seeing your child (or children) suffer may seem unbearable at times. Depending on the severity of injury, bringing your child home from the hospital may be just the beginning of a long recovery journey. The following is a list of long-term effects often experienced by recovering accident victims and families:

  • Adults and children alike often suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being involved in an accident. The emotional, mental and physical suffering associated with this disorder is often intense and, in some cases, permanent.
  • Many catastrophic injuries necessitate full-time daily living assistance. This type of care (whether provided by a parent or licensed caregiver) is often quite expensive, emotionally and physically challenging, and tiring.
  • Families might suffer tremendous economic losses if a parent must stop working to care for a child in recovery at home. Such an abrupt change of income can add additional strain to an already stressful situation.
  • Children whose capacity to function and learn has been compromised may endure various educational challenges.

It might comfort you to know that if your child has suffered bodily harm in an accident caused by another person's negligence, there is a network of support available to assist you.

Where to turn for help

Other parents in Texas who have been in similar situations in the past have found the following resources helpful:

  • A priest or other faith leader can provide spiritual guidance and emotional support for parents impacted by their children's accident injuries.
  • Online support groups exist to help parents who are unable to leave their children to attend in-person meetings.
  • A personal injury attorney offers many services to help families recover their losses and make sure injured children get the care and supplies needed to reach as full of recoveries as possible.

An attorney often has knowledge and information about local available resources regarding all aspects of recovery following a motor vehicle collision. By contacting one who offers free consultations, you can take the first step toward cost-effective guidance to seek justice and care on behalf of your child.

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