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Video: Need a strong criminal defense? The Guerra Law Firm, P.C., can help

| Oct 17, 2016 | Criminal Defense

The sad reality is that an undocumented individual accused of a crime will need an attorney experienced in both criminal and immigration law. The reason is that a criminal allegation may concurrently trigger deportation proceedings. Fortunately, our law firm has extensive experience in both areas.



We know that good people may sometimes find themselves in trouble with the law. We also strongly believe that our clients deserve to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. An accusation that does not result in a conviction should not ruin a person’s life. With that goal in mind, our South Texas law firm fights hard to minimize our clients’ exposure to the criminal system.

We know how frightening a criminal charge may seem, especially when it requires an appearance in federal court, such as with allegations of drug trafficking or the illegal transport of undocumented individuals. Fortunately, our attorneys are not intimidated. We will dig into the facts of your case, examining whether the police or federal agents made any mistakes that could mean that evidence should be excluded. We will prepare a strong defense for your trial, or work to obtain the lowest possible sentence in the event of a plea deal.