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When your child is injured by everyday objects

| Sep 30, 2016 | Injuries

All parents worry about their children’s safety from time to time. Even the most laid back parents occasionally fret because worrying about the safety of one’s children is instinctual. This kind of worry can be particularly heightened when parents are acutely aware of the fact that even the most common everyday items can potentially harm their children.

For better and for worse, not even the most conscientious parent can keep his or her children safe at all times. Thankfully, there are generally some thoughtful steps that can be taken by an injured child’s parents that will help to ensure justice when appropriate and to ensure that other children do not meet the same fate.

Personal action

If and when your child suffers a serious injury due to issues with playground equipment, household furniture, his or her toys, household cleaners, etc. your first priority will be seeking medical attention for that child. Once he or she is out of danger, you may wish to speak with an attorney about your situation.

Accidents happen. And not every accident results in cause for a lawsuit. However, some do. In the event that a lawsuit is warranted in your child’s situation, you may be able to secure compensation to help cover your child’s medical costs and other costs related to his or her accident.

Wider action

An attorney can also help you take broader action that will extend beyond your personal circumstances. For example, your attorney may help you file a complaint with one of the consumer protection agencies. This action may help lead to a recall of the object that your child was harmed as a result of. It also may help to make other parents aware of the dangers that this object poses.

Some parents hesitate to speak up in the wake of their child’s injury because they don’t want to “make a fuss.” It is important to understand that parental advocacy has aided in the initiation of countless product safety recalls and other action that has ultimately protected children all over the nation from harm.