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The Alarming Truth About Distracted Drivers

| Aug 4, 2016 | Injuries

In the U.S., we are always on the move, squeezing any extra seconds we can out of our day through multi-tasking. This has led to an epidemic that claims thousands of lives and injures hundreds of thousands more every year. Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in the US. What can you do to help fight this growing trend? First, you need to get informed. 

Is distracted driving really that dangerous?

According to studies performed by the National Traffic Safety Administration, over three thousand people were killed and nearly 400 thousand injured in just one year due to distracted drivers. For many, the injuries are life altering and require a lifetime of care.

How do people get distracted?

People become distracted anytime they are trying to do something other than drive. Eating, adjusting the radio, programming the GPS are all distractions, while texting and talking on the phone lead the pack in terms of accident causes. All of these increase the chance of an accident.

Why do people do it?

Because some actually believe that they can give their full attention to more than one activity at once. But science says, “no”; multi-tasking is a myth. According to Dr. JoAnn Deak, a respected psychological researcher and educator, our brains are not designed to focus on multiple activities at once and attempting to do so significantly increases the chance of making mistakes. When driving, even a little mistake could mean serious injury or death. Driving takes your full attention: visual, mental and physical and so on. If any of these are not focused on driving, then you are not ready to react to what happens on the road.

How can I help?

Be aware of what distracted driving is and don’t do it. Do your part to educate who you can when you can, but know that some will continue this dangerous practice that hurts others. If a distracted driver has caused you harm, please take the next step. Get informed about your rights by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney.