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Inexperienced drivers especially at risk for these distractions

When you first learned to drive, someone (likely a parent or a Texas driving instructor) probably reminded you more than once to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. It is sage advice, as there are many things than can quickly go wrong if you're looking away from the road and/or become manually distracted.   

 Distracted drivers place you at great risk for injury, and young or inexperienced drivers are particularly prone to distraction behind the wheel. There are several common types of driving distraction that you'll want to avoid if you're the driver, but also that you'll want to be aware of should you notice another motorist nearby exhibiting one or more of these behaviors. Another driver's distraction can land you in the hospital.   

What happens after an accident could matter for your claim

It can be difficult and confusing to navigate the aftermath of an accident, especially if you suffered serious injuries. Texas readers know that the steps they take after an accident are important, and what they do after a crash could have a direct impact on any injury claim. It can be helpful to understand what to do to protect your interests. 

You can directly impact the outcome of your personal injury claim by what you do after an accident. Whether you recently suffered injuries in a motor vehicle collision or you want prepare yourself for the possibility of an accident, knowing the right course of action can prove beneficial. It can also help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Grieving the loss of a child in a fatal Texas car accident

The intense grief you experienced when you lost your child in a Texas motor vehicle accident is unfathomable to most people. In fact, in speaking about your sorrow with others, you may be at a loss for words when trying to find adequate means of describing how you feel. You may feel like you're on an endless roller-coaster of emotion, some days feeling sad, others angry and frustrated. No parent wants to outlive his or her children.  

You know this. However, there was nothing you could have done to stop the other driver from getting behind the wheel after consuming copious amounts of alcohol. There was nothing you could do to make the vehicle stay on the other side of the yellow line where it belonged. Losing a loved one is always difficult; losing a child is one of the greatest tragedies a person can experience in life. This post provides information that may help you navigate the grieving process.  

Hit by a driver who was following you too closely?

Tailgating is a significant issue in Texas and elsewhere. You cannot ever go too far from home without seeing other drivers following you or others around you too closely. This behavior is one of the main causes of rear-end auto collisions. Such collisions can leave victims with injuries that may affect them for the rest of their lives.

If you were in an accident with a person who was riding your rear bumper and you suffered injuries in the event, you may have legal recourse. Tailgating is often viewed as a form of driver negligence. Establishing negligence, among other things, is what your attorney must do to successfully litigate a personal injury claim in civil court.

Did investigators violate your Fourth Amendment rights?

When colonists were at war with Great Britain, certain events led to the drafting of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you are well versed in early American history, you may know that British soldiers often invaded people's homes to try to collect evidence that would suggest they had committed crimes. As a result, the founding fathers made sure to protect you against unreasonable government invasion of your privacy.  

When it comes to your Texas home, your vehicle, your business or your person, you have certain rights that impose restrictions on the process government officials use to conduct searches and seizures during investigations. Are you currently facing criminal charges? Did a police officer search your car or home before arresting you? The more you understand about the Fourth Amendment and know how to access support resources, the better you'll be able to protect your rights in court. 

Has a heroin addiction led to criminal charges?

Having a serious drug-related problem could happen to anyone. One minute your life may have felt right on track, and the next minute you may have found yourself at the beck and call of an illegal substance. You may not even feel fully aware of how you ended up in the situation, but trying a drug even once could quickly lead to this type of scenario.

In particular, heroin is a highly addictive substance. Additionally, it can have serious effects on your mental and physical health that not only put you at risk but also lead you to want more of the substance. When these issues take hold, you could face health and legal troubles.

Could you become a victim of these common types of accidents?

You follow all of the traffic laws, at least most of the time, remain vigilant and avoid distractions while you drive. You can only hope that the other drivers around you are doing the same, but you know better. The problem is that you can't anticipate what another driver will do.

Some common types of accidents exist, however. Knowing the circumstances under which they occur may help you avoid becoming a victim and suffering serious injuries.

The long-term suffering of a spinal cord injury

You probably don't need anyone to tell you that your life will never be the same. The car accident that left you with a spinal cord injury is likely engrained in your memory, at least in flashes. The aftermath, however, will stay with you forever.

A spinal cord injury that results in paralysis often brings many collateral medical issues. Being bound to a bed or wheelchair may be only the beginning of the problems you will be dealing with. Of course, another consequence of prolonged medical challenges is the mounting cost of treatment.

A U visa may help Texas victims of violent crimes stay in the US

If you live here in Texas without legal permission, you may relate to the many struggles and challenges other people in similar situations experience. Even seemingly uneventful activities, such as driving to and from work each day, may cause you to feel nervous or worried that authorities will detain you because of your legal status. Some immigrants say they hesitate to report certain issues, even if someone has stolen their property or committed another crime against them because they fear they will be at risk for deportation if they do so.

What they, and you, may not know is that if you were the victim of certain violent crimes that took place here in the United States, you may qualify for a U visa. This program may not only provide a safe way for you to seek justice against the person who perpetrated the crime against you, but may also allow you to apply for temporary protected legal status. There are specific requirements attached to the program and you may want to seek support if you plan to seek this type of visa.

Key causal factors in many Texas motor vehicle collisions

Traveling Texas highways or other roadways in the nation can be extremely stressful. Long gone are the days when families took leisurely Sunday drives at low speeds, just for fun to enjoy the open road and time together. With as many accidents as there are nowadays, you might find yourself thinking it's safer to stay home than to get behind the wheel and risk a collision. It's highly unlikely that you could continue to function in your everyday life without ever traveling by car.

Therefore, it makes sense to learn and follow the rules of the road and to be aware of the types of situations that often lead to accidents. When you adhere to traffic regulations and keep a lookout for potential danger, you up your chances for safe arrival at your destination. It never hurts, however, to check out the type of resources available for legal support ahead of time, in case you unexpectedly find yourself in an hour of need.

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