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When the status of your status puts you at risk in a police stop

Even if you've been living and working in Texas for decades without appropriate immigrant documentation, you probably never get entirely used to living as a non-immigrant in the United States. You go to work. You pay your taxes. You do your best to raise your children to respect the laws of this nation and to be proud of their heritage and the contributions they can make in their Texas community. You probably have many neighbors who relate to your situation.

Like you, they might worry from time to time about incidents that could lead to deportation. For instance, if an officer pulls you (or them) over in a traffic stop or approaches you on foot to question you.

My BAC was under .08! Why was I arrested?

Like many other Texans, you may be under the impression that you can only be arrested for drunk driving if your blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher. That isn't always the case. Your BAC does bolster other evidence of impairment observed and obtained by law enforcement officials, but it is not the only indicator of impairment.

In fact, an officer may believe these indicators provide enough "evidence" to establish the probable cause needed to arrest you. This is because researchers have proved that alcohol can impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle even at levels below .08.

Amusement park injuries are not so amusing

With summer here, you and your family may be considering your options for a vacation. Along with trips to the beach, camping and family reunions, you and your family may be looking forward to a visit to an amusement park. You may have memories of such trips when you were a child, or maybe it's an annual tradition in your own family.

No matter how much experience you have with amusement parks, you understand that part of the lure that makes many rides exciting is the sense of danger. However, how can you know if that danger is real?

Using a store-bought product should not cause personal injury

It boggles the mind to think of how many millions of different products there are for sale in today's marketplace in Texas and across the nation. Perhaps you rarely even leave the house to do your shopping because you can find just about anything you need online. If you do venture out to in-person stores, you'll likely find multiple choices for whatever type of item you need or want to buy. You have the right as a consumer to expect the products you buy and use are reasonably safe.

In fact, that right is protected by law. Every product must meet the reasonable expectations of consumers; this undoubtedly includes safe usage. That doesn't necessarily mean every product sold is safe. There are many dangerous and defective sale items that cause injuries to people throughout the United States every year. Some who suffer are children whose toys did not work as they expected. Others are adults who suffer injuries when tools malfunction or improperly labeled medicines make them ill.

What happens after you suffer a serious traumatic brain injury

Have you ever heard anyone say that an injury will hurt worse the next day? This happens with many types of injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. You may not feel its affects right away, but that does not mean that your life is not in danger.

If you were involved in a serious accident here in Texas, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Getting treatment within the first three days of your injury may be the crucial difference in your recovery. No one may have realized that you lost consciousness even momentarily. Your symptoms may not make you think that you suffered a moderate to severe blow to your head.

What happens in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury?

The human body takes a lot of punishment during a typical lifetime. Muscle strains, broken bones and lacerations may heal, but those parts of the body affected by them are never quite the same again. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising to know that a serious injury to the spinal cord in a car accident, sporting accident or fall (among other traumas) causes lasting effects that may change your life forever.

The spinal cord is a sensitive bundle of nerves that runs through, and is protected by, the spine. It extends from your brain down through your lower back. Depending where on your spine an injury occurs, you could experience different effects. Similarly, the severity of the injury helps determine the course of your recovery. Some spinal cord injuries never heal, while others do.

Did another driver's distraction cause your child's injury?

How many times have you shared a roadway in Texas with someone distracted behind the wheel? It probably happens more often than you think. Distracted driving causes problems in most states, and laws vary as to how it's defined. Some states say it includes any unnecessary behavior while driving that takes your attention off the road and could potentially impair your ability to keep yourself and others safe.

It's easier than you think to become distracted while driving. From glancing at an interesting billboard on the side of the road, to those who think highway travel is the perfect time to take selfies, such negligence often results in a collision.

Video: We handle personal injury claims | Guerra Law Firm, P.C.

Although drivers are required to carry insurance coverage, our personal injury law firm recommends seeking legal advice as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident. The reason is strategic: An insurance carrier may not provide the best result unless it knows that a crash victim is willing and able to hold a negligent driver accountable in a civil court of law. That leverage often results in a more favorable settlement offer.

A Sunday driver can lead to the Monday blues

It usually happens when you're in a hurry. Suddenly the traffic ahead of you grinds to a crawl, and you are stuck behind a line of cars creeping along at 25 mph slower than the posted speed. At no time do you pass an accident or an obstacle in the roadway. Instead, you discover that it is simply another driver going much too slowly.

While there is no question of the danger a speeding driver creates, slow drivers present a new set of hazards. In fact, slow drivers - that is, drivers going significantly below the posted speed or the general flow of traffic - can be the cause of accidents just as easily as speeders. In most states, you risk a fine for driving too slowly on the highway, especially if you are in the left lane. Some of those fines can be more expensive than a speeding ticket.

Getting your child help after a motor vehicle accident

Like many Texas parents, you probably spend a lot of time transporting your children to and from school, sports and community activities. Whether you use your own vehicle or public transportation, one of your main priorities is keeping your kids safe. Traveling with children can be worrisome, especially if they suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Accident situations are often chaotic and quite stressful. When a child is suffering, a parent's main concern is getting the child whatever care is needed to make him or her well again. Worries about how you'll pay for such care may begin to overwhelm you.

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